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We are a dynamic, innovative and forward thinking Management consultancy firm providing a wide range of services to small & medium size businesses (SME) throughout the UK. GKBH Ltd will offer wide range of professional and adequate management coaching services to companies and organisations as we believe that most businesses need help mainly in decision making in structured and unstructured problems to lead their companies or businesses to experience high expectations and prompt personal growth. The Company services will answer accurately for the weakness that stop a business from gaining market share.

The company is focusing on taking the leadership and reputability by offering services such as team management, decision making based on rationality, bounded rationality and intuition and many more. The company’s team do comprehensive researches in order to satisfy clients/customers with high standard and unique approaches. The team will present customised services for unstructured management issues and procedural services for structured management issues to be specialised in service sector although GKBH Ltd is fresh to the industry.

Having a seminar room facility could save up money to our clients which would spend on hotels or boardrooms, and managing to provide these facilities to our clients will be a unique service by GKBH Ltd.